• From indie purveyor to DTC category leader

  • 30%

    increase in conversions on the redesigned product page within the first month

  • 24+

    new metadata fields built and integrated


    CBD, Combustible, Wellness


    Consultancy, Design & Development

  • The Challenge

    Barbari co-founders Meryl and Val were on the precipice of their newest launch—a market-tested limited edition called “Period Daze” so beloved that they were making it a permanent staple of their lineup—when they reached out to Alcove Studio about optimizing their product pages.

    Barbari's Shopify site was built using the premium Shapes theme, and with their bold brand identity integrated, the new e-commerce site was looking great. But in an attempt to differentiate their core product lines, they had created an excess of product page templates. These were getting cumbersome to maintain, and things were starting to fall through the cracks, leaving what should be the brand’s most valuable digital real estate feeling misaligned and lackluster.

  • Our Approach

    With our sights set on increasing conversions as Barbari ramped up for the holiday season, Alcove Studio delivered a combo of strategy, data design, visual design, and Liquid coding to enhance the shopping experience for Barbari’s customers while streamlining the backend.

    By analyzing Barbari’s printed packaging and brand guidelines and researching the products themselves, we identified 24 unique data points that could be applied to new elements in their product page design or be correlated to existing ones. Using some of Shopify’s latest and most advanced functions—metafields and metaobjects—allowed us to populate their new single template with data pulled dynamically at the product-sku level.

  • The Results

    “We saw an immediate improvement with the new product pages from Alcove. Our conversion rate jumped from 2% to 2.6% within the first full month.

    Our mobile interface is much cleaner and simpler to update and operate, and that efficiency cost is something we really value, especially during this busy holiday season when we want to make quick merchandising changes.”

    – Meryl, Barbari Co-Founder

  • The Process

    “The thing I liked most was Allie’s working and communication style. I always knew what to expect, and the whole process was extremely thorough and transparent. Allie is thorough, understands how to merge aesthetic and function, and makes sure you are filled in every step of the way!”

    – Valarie, Barbari Co-Founder


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