Your products are extra special. My services are, too. 

I’m the only Shopify micro-agency that offers dynamic data implementation (setup of metafields and metaobjects) in tandem with visual design. That means that no matter the status of your site—old, outdated, brand new, or recently updated—you can benefit from the artistic attention and retail experience I infuse into every project.

Meet studio owner Allie Pisarro-Grant

Hey, there! I’m Allie, the add-to-cart obsessed Shopify Designer and Developer behind Alcove Studio.

The near-deadly cocktail of a BFA in Painting with a minor in Printmaking at RISD, museum bookstore store management at MoMA PS1, Amazon.com-level data administration in the publishing industry, and Manhattan brick-and-mortar retail shop ownership has magic-eight-balled into a mission to help handmade business owners spend more time on the parts of their business they love most.

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