Welcome to the Session! I'm looking forward to working with you 1:1 during our upcoming workshop.

To prepare, please complete the Brand Journal below at least 3 business days before our Session so I have time to review and prepare – so that you can experience the best outcome.

See you soon! 💗 Allie

Brand Journal

Brand Journal

Brand Journal

Your Brand Journal consists of the following six questionnaires. You don't have to complete them in order, but if you do, there will be links at the end taking you to the next one.

If you use the same device & browser, you can return to any partially completed form again.

It should take around 45 minutes to complete all the sections.

If you get stuck on a question, leave it blank for now and we can address it during the Session as needed.


Understanding your nook is first. These are your people, your raison d'être, the niche you passionately serve. We'll dive deep into understanding them, ensuring your brand resonates with them on every level.

⏳ takes about 10 minutes


We're building layers into the brand, by uncovering deeper meaning and creating a story that goes beyond the visuals.

⏳ takes about 8 minutes


Your corner market is like an imaginary bodega in which your product sits alongside all of your immediate competitors and related brands. We need to have a good awareness of what's out there, so that we can carve our own unique path.

⏳ takes about 6 minutes


We're diving into brand expression and visual references as a starting point. From here, we'll connect the dots and bring your vision to life.

Note: you'll be asked for some visual references here. This is probably the most time consuming portion of the Journal, but very important! And you're almost done :)

⏳ takes about 15 minutes


Let’s talk about some benchmarks to measure where we’ve been and where we’re going.

⏳ takes about 6 minutes


This final section is pretty quick, and is a bit like a personality quiz! But don't worry, there're no wrong answers here. I'm just getting a sense of your perspective in life and business.

⏳ takes about 2 minutes